Date Rich Women – Know Where To Look

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Interested in Dating A Sugar Mom? Who Isn't

Millionaire dating is often focused on dating men but what about dating wealthy women?

Where To Find Wealthy Women?

Well I hope you’re not thinking about the local bar... Wealthy women do NOT hang out at your regular or anywhere near bad neighbourhoods. They are meeting friends at upmarket coffee shops or exclusive clothing stores. They will be travelling from work straight home or via a friends place. You will see them at beach front resorts or yacht clubs on the water’s edge. Wealthy women will have work on their mind and will be spending most of their days thinking about this. Wealthy women host many private social functions with friends and family.

So it’s obvious that wealthy women are not easy to find and certainly won’t be hanging outside the local mall or bus stop!

If your goal is to date rich women you are going to need a different game plan. You will need some cash before you start for clothes and social events but more importantly you will need to be in the right place at the right time.

Be smart about where your showing up and what you’re expecting from the situation.


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If you are a lover of cars there’s not much chance of find a millionaire mum or women at your local garage. You might get lucky at an exclusive car show but it’s not likely.

If you are a lover of horses then you have a much better chance of finding a rich women if you show up for riding lessons at rich equestrian club. You don’t have to love horses or be good at riding just to have an interest in learning to ride. Your instructor or group member could be the rich women you have been looking for.

Your motivation for being there should not be driven by money alone. Make sure you really do have a passion for the new hobby you choose.

How to date rich women:

Earlier I mentioned that women love to buy things and also love to host private parties. This means high end department stores in your city is the place to be.

Search for expensive stores near you and use approach and daygame techniques. Of course most of the women in these stores will be taken/married but you have to play the numbers game when you’re after the best

Places like Bloomingdales in NewYork or Macy’s

Anywhere that sells clothes, decor, wine and cheese and party things are on the money.

Upmarket supermarkets are great but will be tough to establish conversation.

Depending on your age group university campuses have a ton of future professionals. They won’t be rich presently but if you prepared to wait a few years for these doctors and lawyers are sure to become well paid.

Many libraries allow anyone to come in to the campus during the day and read books etc. You can even sign up for a course for a semester and join a few university clubs.

Recently divorced women are often cashed up after getting money from their marriage.

Rich school mothers: If you don’t have a child enrolled in a rich school you can always “babysit” or child mind a families kids as a part time job. This will enable you to be present when other women pick their kids up from school.

There are bound to be rich single mothers at these wealthy schools. You won’t have any competition and conversation should follow smoothly.

Rich women are often flying for work so being around the business class areas of the airport or airport coffee shops is another hot area for rich women.

Wealthy foreign women are often staying at the best hotels in town. They could be there to see family or for a business meeting.

The upmarket hotel restaurant and bar is a great place to be to catch these wealthy women in their spare time. The entrance lounge is another place you can go without staying in a room and still be able to chat with women who are waiting around.

Foreign women might be lost as to where to go and need a ride or a show around town.

Going this extra mile and integrating yourself into the areas where rich women hang out most of the time gives you the best chance to date the wealthy. When every other guy is on the hustle at the normal lower class bars and clubs you are free to date the wealthy and educated by simply getting to know women outside your comfort zone.

Don’t be intimidated or think these women won’t be interested, you will likely be the only guy their making an effort to talk to them.

Just keep in mind that you will have to bring your A game if you want to impress rich women. Most of them will have partners husbands or boyfriends already but occasionally you will find a wealthy women who has been to focused on work to worry about love.